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e-Kinesis is an under-development engineering business, aiming at designing, manufacturing and commercializing electric powertrain systems for city buses. Established in 2017, e-Kinesis team is located in Athens, Greece and currently consists of six core members, as well as a network of financial and legal consultants.

Making our Vision a Mission

In e-Kinesis, we visualize clean, sustainable and citizen friendly future cities. Minimizing air and noise pollution can improve public health and extend life expectancy. At the same time, cleaning up cities and optimizing energy consumption can be a very effective economic development driver for municipalities, offering improved public image, tourism and creating new jobs.

We believe that sustainable public transport is a key promoter for minimizing air and noise pollution, while optimizing energy consumption in urban environments. Conventional Diesel buses have significant contribution to urban air and noise pollution, while their operation is related to high energy and maintenance costs. To tackle this issue, we have launched a campaign to develop 100% battery electric powertrain systems, specially designed for city buses applications. The proposed technology is intended to be offered to bus manufacturers, whereas it is also an option for retrofitting existing bus fleets. 

Our System Main Characteristics

High Performance

Excellent vehicle top speed and gradeability to compete with conventional Diesel buses technology  

Cost Effectiveness

Low energy consumption and maintenance combined with a competitive purchasing price


Design to meet specific costumer requirements and flexibility to install on various vehicles models

e-Kinesis News

e-Kinesis at busworld 2019

e-Kinesis is visiting the busworld® 2019 exhibition, which takes place during 18th – 23rd October in Brussels, Belgium. Our representatives are meeting with bus OEMs and suppliers, aiming at catching up with recent advances in vehicles electrification technologies and sharing updates regarding e-kinesis project progress and business strategy. Feel free to contact us in advance in order to arrange an on-site meeting (info@e-kinesis.com). We would be excited to meet you in Brussels!

e-Kinesis booth at 4YFN Barcelona 2019 exhibition

e-Kinesis is participating in the 4YFN Barcelona 2019 exhibition, which is organized from 25 to 27 February 2018 in Barcelona Spain. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our booth! For more information click on the 4YFN image. 

e-Kinesis booth at Athens Innovation Festival 2018

e-Kinesis is participating in the Athens Innovation Festival, which is organized from 12 to 14 November in Athens Greece. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our booth!

e-Kinesis is part of invent ICT

e-Kinesis is a proud member of the tech-incubator invent ICT, which aims at development of innovative and entrepreneurship.
After having successfully completed a two stages evaluation process, e-Kinesis currently receives dedicated coaching from experienced tutors and business consultants. 

Meet us at the SAE 2018 World Congress

e-Kinesis is participating to the SAE 2018 World Congress, which takes place during 10-12 April 2018, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. On April 10th, we are presenting an article entitled “Towards Electrification of Urban Buses Using Model Based Analysis”, in the frame of the “Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrains” session. We are looking forward to meeting you in Detroit!

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