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A Powerful Engineering Tool

Design and performance analysis of an electric vehicle requires deep understanding of mechanical, electrical, electrochemical, electromagnetic and thermal phenomena. Thanks to our engineers’ expertise in computational engineering, e-Kinesis developed the vehicle simulator Archimedes, which allows for mathematical modeling and simulation of the complete electric vehicle, as well as its subsystems (electric motor, battery pack, transmission system, controls etc). Archimedes is based on a series of predictive mathematical models and it has been validated through comparison of simulation data versus experimental ones, obtained on various types of vehicles.

Archimedes can be used for supporting numerous use cases:

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Design and sizing of eV’s subcomponents 

Calculation of e-motor max. torque/speed, battery pack electrical characteristics and capacity, gear ratios of vehicle’s transmission system, cooling system sizing etc.

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Quantitative prediction and analysis of eV performance characteristics

Vehicle performance evaluation (eg. top speed, gradeability & acceleration), energy consumption, eV charging process analysis etc.

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Controls development

Battery management system, motor and vehicle control unit, transmission control, regenerative braking control etc.

By properly configuring the Archimedes models, a user can simulate numerous combinations of components, driving conditions, vehicle routes, control algorithms, etc., using a personal computer and at time scales, which are order of magnitudes shorter than those required for respective testing. This way, Archimedes can offer a dramatic reduction of the time and cost required for development and operation analysis of an electric vehicle, as the need for time demanding and expensive experiments is minimized, while enabling the evaluation of a large volume of vehicle parameters.

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