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April 2021

White paper publication: Electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle charging User Cases driven approach

e-Kinesis is pleased to announce the publication of a white paper, entitled: “Electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle charging User Cases driven approach”, which is co-authored by all members of the Electromobility Task Force, where e-Kinesis acts as member. The article aims at demonstrating various eV charging cases, through targeted business use cases. In the frame of this publication, e-Kinesis presented solutions offered via our technical service (Optimized electric Vehicle fleet Deployment) OeVD, for optimizing charging and routing of electric vehicle fleets.

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March 2021

e-Kinesis is part of the Electromobility Task force (EMTF)

e-Kinesis has been accepted as a member of the Electromobility Task Force (EMTF), which has been launched by the organization Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (https://aioti.eu/). EMTF aims at creating a marketplace of IT services, related to electromobility, which is addressed to businesses. e-Kinesis contributes to EMTF through the innovative technical service for optimizing charging planning and routing of electric vehicles OeVD (Optimized electric Vehicle fleet Deployment), as well as through the eV simulation tool Archimedes, both of which have been developed by our company.

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