e-Kinesis Encapsulated Battery Electirc Powertrain System

e-Kinesis presents the company’s major technological milestone: the innovative, integrated battery electric powertrain system Electra. Electra was engineered by our team, employing the vehicle simulator Archimedes, which was also developed by our company. Electra components are manufactured by world-class automotive suppliers, ensuring their high performance and reliable operation.

Applying Electra on City Bus
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The Electra battery electric powertrain system comprises in combination a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), a battery pack, a cooling system, as well as controls for operating the above subsystems. Power and torque generated by the e-motor are transmitted directly to the vehicle’s differential, thus simplifying the system architecture and maximizing the vehicle’s energy efficiency. Vehicle’s energy consumption is further reduced, thanks to the Electra’s energy recovery subsystem, which can harvest up to 30% of vehicle’s mechanical energy losses during deceleration and braking events.

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Key innovation element of the Electra system is its compact and customizable design. The electric motor and its controller are encapsulated in a common structure, which can be installed on various types of vehicles, without modifying the existing vehicle frame. At the same time, Electra is equipped with a wide range of electric motors and batteries, meeting a broad range of torque, power and autonomy requirements related to different vehicles and applications.

The Electra battery electric powertrain system can be installed on new vehicles, while it can be used as a retrofit solution for electrifying conventional vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine.

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